Marina Jack's Park-- Sarasota Child Photographer

At long last I finally got a chance to do a photo shoot at Marina Jacks Park.  For those of you who don't know, Marina Jack's Park (don't think this is the actual name) is a public park right on the water in the heart of Sarasota that has super fun fountains,  a huge jungle gym and a real-deal tikki bar within 20 paces of the kid stuff.
When she was first led to the fountains, this little one was cautious, but after only a few minutes she was running around and screaming with the best of 'em (giving her father a heart attack for fear she'd crack her head open). Naturally, I was at the ready with my camera to photograph the fun, but both me & my trusty Canon got soaked getting these shots! It was so worth it. After all was said and done, she had a blast, and I got a much needed cool down!
Things are really lookin' up this summer!


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