Afternoon with Grammy-- Sarasota Child Family Photographer

This weekend we got to spend an afternoon with Lorelai's Grammy whom Lorelai hasn't seen since she began walking almost a month ago.  Lorelai had a blast running around the yard with her sack filled with finger puppets (compliments of grammy)--and had even more fun at the beach later on! Oddly enough, the monk's favorite part seemed to be when she got nakies at the outdoor beach showers so we could wash the sand from her lil' tush! She kept shouting, "More! More!" when we told her it was time to leave. The surrounding people had a good laugh.... ice-cold  outdoor showers are not the least bit inviting to the rest of us!


Anonymous said...

love love these photos! Can't wait until next week when you shoot my kiddos! P.S. Love her bathing suit!

Anonymous said...

Don't know where to start!? Love the silhouette photo; the contrast is amazing against the sunset. I also love how you cropped the photo of Lorelai's mouth and Tyler's hands around her body. Hmmm..I really love all of them. Especially her bathing suit and tushy.

Anonymous said...

that was koko!!

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