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Here's how I see it..

Real life doesn't happen in a studio when you're asked to smile and say cheese. It's when you're caught in an uncontrollable laugh, it's grass stains and goofy faces. It's a loving embrace and secret, stolen kisses. These are the moments that make our lives memorable and our stories unique. These are the moments I strive to capture for your family.

Gal's Best Friend

Loved photographing this sweet girl and her guide dog! His name is Jake and is able to sense when she might have a seizure so he escorts her to school and other places. Brings a whole new meaning to the phrase, "Girls's best friend!

It's official! This blog is currently being replaced by my new website. Come and visit Janeen Kelley Photography's new home by clicking here: www.JaneenKelleyPhoto.com or JaneenKelleyPhotography.com.  As of today, this blog is inactive.  Many thanks to all of my clients whose loyalty and apreciation for my work has lifted me to new heights. Looking forward to the future together!

Things Are Looking Up! --Sarasota child photographer

At long last I've begun working with a designer to give my website a full make-over. I feel it's time I customize the portrait experience to the level that I'd like to receive when hiring a photographer for my own family--which means full pampering for my clients!  I truly believe in the value of custom photography as an experience in addition to the final product and want that level of passion to be conveyed in every interaction I make with you.  So ya'll stay tuned for the grand unveiling, ya hear??--Comming Soon!
And since no post is complete without at least a few images, here are a few silly snapshots that fit my looking up theme!

sunny days--venice beach family photos

The Sweetest Thing-Phillippi Estate Sarasota Family Photos

Had the delightful opportunity to photograph the sweetest little baby and his family on his 6 month birthday. I can't contain how I've fallen in love with this little guy.  Seeing how squishy and small he is makes me realize just how fast time flies--they grow up too soon! I think that's why I'm so drawn to what  I do-- it's the only way I know of, to keep them small!

You are My Sunshine-- North Port Park child, family & Lifestyle Photographer

You are my sunshine...

 my only sunshine
 You make me happy
 When skies are gray

You'll never know dear
 How much I love you
Oh please don't take
my sunshine


I've Found the Gerber Baby!-- Sarasota Child, Family & Lifestyle Photographer

It feels like just yesterday that I ran into my dear cousin and his beautiful wife and had the chance to snap some impromptu photos of them with their adorable little girl! Had I known they would make such fabulous subjects I would have forced them to do a real shoot with me! Seriously though, I had to share-- I'm just in love with their little Gerber baby!

Ain't baby-hood grand??