Sunday Morning at the Park-- Sarasota Child Photographer

Part 1: Perspective
Tyler and I discovered a local park today which worked out perfectly with this weeks' assignment in Brook Snow's Lifestyle Course. The first assignment is to take a photo and shoot it using different points of view. My concept here was simply that I was trying to get a portrait of Lorelai. Here's the first shot (head-on) & the different points of view that followed.
She was squirming out of the chair so I set her on the ground, where she was more content.

Part II: Less Is More
It was a beautiful morning as we head out to a North Port park that's hidden in the middle of nowhere on the opposite side of I75 in the area known as the estates. (That's short for I can't remember the name of it!) Ever tolerant of his photographer wife, Tyler spends some quality family time with Lorelai and hams it up for the camera...
should I have come in tighter here? I feel like I'm always photographing feet which is why I ultimately kept the angle slightly wider). Is that a consequence of photographing a baby who really isn't able to run and play on her own?

Dad needs a break! --Isn't that a cute little berry that fell by their toes?

the pic above doesn't really belong with my "Less is More" classwork, but I just love the 'It doesn't get any better than this' look on Tyler's face!

And that's all folks!


To see my images from week 1, click here


Nicole Norris said...

Oh great job. I am a little jealous of your sunshine. The feet picture (with the berry) is fabulous! I also love the last photo. Great job!

Christy said...

Wow, i love your pictures. Great job. Love the toes.

Lynette said...

These are awesome. I can't pick a favorite. Great use of light. Ok I guess my favorite would have to be the feet. Wonderful job.

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