The Sweetest Thing-Phillippi Estate Sarasota Family Photos

Had the delightful opportunity to photograph the sweetest little baby and his family on his 6 month birthday. I can't contain how I've fallen in love with this little guy.  Seeing how squishy and small he is makes me realize just how fast time flies--they grow up too soon! I think that's why I'm so drawn to what  I do-- it's the only way I know of, to keep them small!


Anonymous said...

Wow! With every new post your work inspires me more and more. I wish I lived closer to you!

Anonymous said...

Nikki & I sobbed through the slideshow last night. You did an extraordinary job capturing the essence of our beautiful baby boy! Narrowing it down to a few favorites is not even a possibility. Every shot is off the charts gorgeous. Thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

I cant stop looking at these pictures! Thank you again so much!

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