I've Found the Gerber Baby!-- Sarasota Child, Family & Lifestyle Photographer

It feels like just yesterday that I ran into my dear cousin and his beautiful wife and had the chance to snap some impromptu photos of them with their adorable little girl! Had I known they would make such fabulous subjects I would have forced them to do a real shoot with me! Seriously though, I had to share-- I'm just in love with their little Gerber baby!

Ain't baby-hood grand??


Olympia said...

OMG Mrs. Kelley these pictures are amazing! Oh BTW it's Olympia! We really miss your class....I was assigned to you this year and I was like, "YEESSS!!!" But then we heard you left and we were sad...I have Mrs. Guay (used to be a substitute) for LA now, and she's great too, but everyone always talks about how great you were! Keep up the great photography! :)

Janeen said...

Olympia, it's so wonderful to hear from you! I miss you all, too! I'm glad you think Mrs. Guay is doing a good job. I was thrilled when I was offered 7th grade this year, but there was just no one to watch Lorelai and she was so litte-- I didn't have the heart to put her in daycare! Now she's wild and crazy--it will be great to be back! LOL!! Tell everyone I say hello!

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